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Welcome to ASA Canary Sail.....

….the leading sailing school provider in the wonderful North Atlantic Canary Islands. We are an RYA (Royal Yacht Association) certified school and have provided RYA course certificates for over 13 years.
We pride ourselves on the standard and quality of sailing tuition and have gained a sound reputation throughout Europe in this popular and growing leisure industry.
Proud to be accepted as a new ASA affiliate, we have taken care to study the ASA guidance and recommendations to the letter and are pleased to present a Canary Sail approach to the ASA courses we offer you.
These ASA standards and recommendations state, for example:

Basic Keel Boat (ASA 101) – 3 full days with a ratio student to instructor 3:1
Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) – 3 full days with 3:1 ratio student : instructor
Bareboat Cruising (ASA 104) – 3 full days student to instructor ratio unspecified

ASA further recommend students take additional sailing “practice to gain further experience” between these courses before progressing to the next level.

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