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Blog 13

Jim Is Out Of The Office!

So, got Jim out of the office for a couple of days! Couldn't take the office out of Jim though - contact maintained throughout! Look ...
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Open Water Sailing

Yachtmaster Fast Track

Starting in September 2017 Contact us for further details, dates & prices ...
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Midweek Happiness!

The AGI crew have landed in Valle Gran Rey - think they like it! Thanks for the photo Nik Have fun Guys! #LoveSailing #LoveCanarySail #CanarySail ...
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Blog 11

May Day Bank Holiday

This is the first Bank Holiday weekend/week of the year! And we have quite an international crew of 21 this week - Swiss, Italian, German, ...
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Blog 10

Supporting the London Marathon!

So how many of us are watching and supporting the London Marathon as we know so many people running - all for a very good ...
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Alan and his lovely crew on AGI!

AGI Crew!

A photo of Alan and his lovely crew on AGI preparing to leave Los Gigantes and off for another adventure! Happy Easter Weekend to all! ...
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Blog 8

Alexandra Crew!

Thanks to Artur and the rest of his crew for this photo with a promise of more to come! They had just finished a successful ...
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Blog 7

Only 30 Days Of Rain A Year!

Thanks for a great photo from Kathleen, Eugene and Bob from their exclusive week on Alexandra with George. With an average of 30 days a ...
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Nice Hats!

Happy Weekend Folks! Thanks to Arminas and his fellow Lithuanian crew for this fab photo! They so enjoyed last week on our lovely Agi with ...
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Blog 5

Knots! No rugby this weekend so there is plenty of time to go sailing and practice knots! Check out our Course Week Offer and try ...
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