Day Skipper "Plus"

Duration 6 Days
Pre Course Experience 5 days, 100 miles and 4 hours of night sailing
Assumed Knowledge You are a Day Skipper or have some experience in skippering a yacht
Course Content A Day Skipper Practical skills week designed for current holders of the Day Skipper Practical Certificate
Expected Learning Outcome Refresh and hone skills with view to your next step ie RYA Tidal Coastal Skipper Practical Completion Certificate
Price From €795
Availability 52 Weeks of the Year
Book Links RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased Notes
RYA Sail Cruising and Yachtmaster Scheme – Syllabus and Logbook

Day Skipper "Plus" Practical Skills Course

Your handling skills and/or theory are a little rusty or you just wish to practice and learn more advanced techniques. Your instructor will “hone in” on specific tasks of your choosing and clear up any confusion on any aspects you may have relating to theory and navigation. This course is recommended to prepare you well for your RYA Tidal Coastal Skipper Practical Completion Certificate.

“Shared Course Yacht” option for individuals/couples/small groups on 36 to 40ft cruise yachts:

– You get a full 6 days with 4:1 or (larger yacht) 5:1 client to instructor ratio

– You get your own cabin! No-one shares unless by choice when booking

– You learn to sail and berth a clean, modern yacht of between 36ft to 40ft

– You (and we) have fun!

“Exclusive Course Yacht” option for couples, families or groups on 36 to 50ft cruise yachts:

– Instructor only

– Instructor “Plus Hostess”

– Mixed Courses available

– Choose your yacht here

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