RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster On-Line Theory

Duration 3 Weeks
Assumed Knowledge RYA Tidal Day Skipper Theory knowledge is recommended.
Course Content Knowledge of safety on board, parts of a boat, rigging and sails, anchoring, emergency procedures, meteorology, navigation including position fixing, plotting, tidal height and drift, secondary port calculations, Computation of rates, pilotage, passage planning, course to steer, estimated position, navigation tactics in restricted visibility and collision regs. The course includes three test papers covering Prevention of Collision at Sea Regulations, Meteorology and Chart Work
Expected Learning Outcome This course is the ideal method to advance to your next level – RYA Tidal Coastal Skipper Practical Completion certificate and/or your MCA/RYA exam. On successful completion you will receive an official RYA certificate signed by your Instructor
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RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore - On-Line Course

An advanced course in meteorology and navigation for those aspiring to Coastal Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. This course provides revision of the Day Skipper Theory Course without which the successful completion of this more advanced skills level is unlikely to be possible. Therefore completion of the RYA Tidal Day Skipper theory course is highly recommended prior to attempting this level. This on-line theory course is delivered by our partners “Splash Sea School” and is offered to those also partaking in practical courses with Canary Sail at a discounted package price.


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