Top Weather Apps for Sailors

Top Weather Apps for Sailors

Weather plays a crucial role in sailing, and having access to accurate, up-to-date forecasts can make the difference between a smooth sailing experience and a challenging one. Thanks to technological advancements, sailors now have a plethora of weather apps at their disposal to help make informed decisions. Here’s a rundown of some of the best weather apps tailored for sailors, helping you navigate the seas more safely and efficiently.


Highly regarded among sailors for its precise wind forecasts, PredictWind offers detailed insights into wind speed and direction. The app provides high-resolution maps and can forecast up to 14 days in advance, using four top weather models for comparison. Its tools, like Departure Planner, Destination Forecasts, and Route Tools, are invaluable for passage planning, making it a top choice for both casual cruisers and professional racers.


Windy, also known as Windyty, is celebrated for its intuitive interface and stunning visual wind and weather maps. Beyond basic forecasts, Windy provides detailed information on wind, waves, and weather conditions, which are critical for safe sailing. The app allows you to overlay different weather parameters to customise the display according to your needs, making it both a practical and visually appealing option for sailors.

Weather Routing Inc. (WRI)

WRI is specifically designed for offshore sailors and offers detailed marine weather forecasts. The app provides bespoke weather routing advice, taking into account your yacht’s performance and the weather conditions. This service helps in planning the safest and most efficient passages, particularly valuable for those venturing into challenging waters.


For those who prefer to download and analyse GRIB files directly, PocketGrib is an excellent choice. This app lets you access and view GRIB weather data files on your mobile device, offering insights into wind, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, and temperature data. Its ability to customise the area of the download helps save on data usage, which is a boon for sailors without unlimited data plans.

Navionics Boating App

While primarily a charting app, Navionics also offers weather features, including wind forecasts and tides, which are integrated into its chart plots. This all-in-one approach makes it a convenient tool for sailors who want navigational and weather data in one place. The app’s SonarChart Live feature also allows for real-time mapping and updates, enhancing navigation and safety.

Choosing the right weather app can significantly impact your sailing experience. Each of these apps offers unique features and benefits, so consider what best meets your needs based on your sailing style, the regions you navigate, and the level of detail you require. With the right app, you can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable journey, whatever the weather may bring.

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