Canary Sail Coronavirus Bulletin – 24/07/2021

24/07/2021 – Now in Level 4, the restrictions on Tenerife have not significantly changed – hardly at all!

The opening times stay fixed with closing at midnight and curfew in place until 06.00.

There is an added restriction for those wishing to dine inside. They must show a vaccine passport, proof of recovery or a recent negative test taken within the last 72 hours.

All other activities remain the same as outlined below. Indeed our sailing activities are little affected as is sailing between the Islands.

Here at Canary Sail, we do continue to insist on everyone joining our yachts having a recent Covid-19 negative test certificate or test result (within the last 78 hours) before boarding our yachts. We have also acquired self tests for our team and instructors so everyone helps to protect everyone else. A self-testing service is available here at our facility for those living locally, joining us from elsewhere in the Canary Islands or simply have not managed to take a test. 

We are grateful to the many of you who have joined  recently accepting our Covid prevention rules as common sense. 

As our “Winter Sun” season beacons, we do hope to welcome more of you in the future and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

With kind regards,

Jim & the Canary Sail crew


10/07/2021 – Tenerife finds itself in a mildly revised Level 3 with modifications to any previous Level 3 status.

This time, with a majority of incidents reported in the North of the Island, the Canarian Government target the local 25 to 30 years age groups. Access to bars and restaurants remain the same with restricted numbers. However, the closing times are now midnight with a strict curfew implemented from 00.00 until 06.00. Interestingly, a ban is imposed on the open sale of alcohol from 20.00 other than that purchased and consumed in bars/restaurants.

Sailing and travel between the Canary Islands remains unaffected.

Canary Sail continue to insist on the presentation by all arriving clients of a recently acquired Covid 19 negative test certificate (within 72 hours prior to boarding your yacht!). All other Canary Sail anti Covid 19 measures as previously stated below remain in place – including the taking and recording of body temperature of all crew and team twice daily.

Canary Sail continue to take bookings for our Sailing Courses, Cruises and Charters with a strongly growing interest from all those of you wishing to sail with us.

We do hope to hear from more of you soon as the restrictions continue to ease.

With kind regards,

Jim & the Canary Sail crew

30/05/21 – With some confusion at these early stages of easing of travel restrictions generally, we will update this bulletin with details in due course.

However, please note that for check in to Canary Sail yachts for all our Course, Cruise and Charter activities, a negative PCR test certificate is required in the interests of your fellow crew, our Instructors and our team.

Thank you for your understanding. We do hope to hear from you all again soon.

With best regards,

Jim & the Canary Sail Crew

06/05/21 – A short update for those wishing to travel to us soon. We, Canary Sail  will issue the relevant documentation, both in English and Spanish confirming our client´s participation in training courses and education. Email contact with the Spanish Consulate asking whether anything else is required to comply with an exemption is strongly advised. The normally positive response email seems to satisfy the UK airline desks.

Here are recent announcements relating to current Spanish and UK rules and exemptions for travel: 

“The Spanish government has extended the temporary restriction of non-essential trips from third countries to the European Union and European Schengen area, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, until May 31st 2021.
Confirmation of this decision has been published today, Friday, in the Boletin Oficial de España (BOE: 103/7051).

This order from the Ministry del Interior responds to the recommendation of the European Council of June 30th 2020 recommending the temporary restriction of this type of travel by air to the EU and the possible lifting of said limitations.

Those individuals who are permitted entry into Spain from the UK are listed below:
Students enrolled in courses starting after 1st January 2021 who carry out their studies in an EU Member or Schengen state and who have the corresponding permit or visa and medical insurance.
All of the circumstances above must be justified by documentary evidence. You should check with the Spanish consulate in the UK if you are unsure whether your circumstances meet the current exemptions and for further information. You should be aware that you may be questioned on arrival by Spanish border authorities to ensure you meet the entry requirements, and testing requirements continue to apply for travel to Spain.”

“UK nationals:
The United Kingdom finally left the European Union at the end of December 2020 and its citizens are now third country nationals, so the same rules apply to them as to other non-EU members.

At the moment planning for the summer months is hinging on the decision of the British Government about when it will permit British nationals to resume holiday activity. At the moment this may be from May 17th onwards, or even in June, although the UK Government has not yet made a commitment to any clear dates.

Entry restrictions and testing requirements continue to apply for travel to Spain. Only citizens and legal residents of the European Union, Schengen states, Andorra, Monaco, The Vatican, and San Marino, and those who can demonstrate through documentary evidence an essential need to enter Spain, will be granted passage under current travel restrictions.

Be aware that Spanish border authorities reserve the right to deny passage and will only grant entry if they are satisfied that you are returning to your habitual place of residence or that your journey to Spain is for one of the permitted circumstances outlined below:

Students enrolled in courses starting after 1st January 2021 who carry out their studies in an EU Member or Schengen state and who have the corresponding permit or visa and medical insurance.”

Canary Sail states – From our experience, email exchange with your Spanish Consulate, resulting in them responding with confirmation your credentials are sufficient to be allowed access to Spain (in this case the Canary Islands), will be sufficient evidence to allow you access to your flight.
We remain available for any advise and remain hopeful of more clarity and simplification of this process soon.
We do hope to welcome you all to Canary Sail in due course.
Thank you all and kind regards,
Jim & the Canary Sail Crew

04/03/21 – Since our last post, restrictions have been extended meaning some of you have been unable to reach us. We continue to reschedule those clients, now for a full 12 months from sailing date.

Here in Tenerife, much has remained unchanged. We, Canary Sail are still sailing with 2 and often 3 yachts each week. Clients enjoy a relatively free and easy environment here.

We remain busy despite the restrictions with clients still arriving from all over Europe and beyond.

There are additional conditions! For example, a PCR test is often required before clients can return home. We have now identified 3 centres situated locally to our base marina and run the sailing courses and cruises to allow time for clients to “jump ship” and make their test appointments.

Arrival from the UK is particularly difficult. We provide a letter from Canary Sail to clients stating they join us for “Academic Sail Training” (Education). However, it seems the letter we provide you must be acknowledged/authorised by your Spanish Embassy in order to satisfy airlines passenger entry on arrival to Spain is sanctioned.

We will keep you updated with any further developments on how this letter may be to use the Education Exemption rule on travel. Every booked client now receives this letter from us.

Meanwhile, we are all hopeful the restrictions will ease soonest and allow us all the freedom to take our sailing courses.

Thank you all. We do hope to hear from you again soon.

With kind regards,

Jim & the Canary Sail crew

06/01/21 – A big thank you to all those who continue to arrive to us for their sailing courses, cruises and exams.

However, the situation for the UK is quite restricting. We have been sent this update recently:

“Travel is subject to entry restrictions

Spain have announced they will be restricting passenger travel from the UK (by air and sea) from 22 December until 19 January with the exception of Spanish nationals and those legally resident in Spain. This includes flights from the UK to the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. If you were due to travel, or transit through, Spain please contact your travel operator before departure.

If you are resident in Spain, you should carry your residence document (the green paper EU residence certificate or the new TIE), as well as your valid passport when you travel. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that whilst these restrictions are in place only those residents who can prove their status as residents through the green paper EU residence certificate or the TIE card may enter Spain.

Additionally, all passengers (excluding children under the age of 6 years old) travelling to Spanish airports from ‘risk’ countries, as determined by the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control are required to present a negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test taken within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival, in order to enter the country. See  Entry requirements for further details.

While TMA and LAMP tests are not currently widely available in the UK, you should refer to testing facilities directly for information on the types of tests available to you, prior to booking an appointment. The UK is currently on the ‘risk’ countries list and passengers arriving from the UK are therefore subject to this requirement.

You should not use the NHS testing service to get a test in order to facilitate your travel to another country. You should arrange to take a private test and should confirm with the testing facility the type of tests available prior to booking an appointment.

You will also be subject to the additional 3 requirements at the point of entry. It is mandatory for all passengers travelling by air or sea to Spain to fill out and sign an online Health Control Form 48 hours prior to travel, providing the Spanish Ministry of Health with:

·         contact information

·         details of any known history of exposure to COVID-19, and

·         confirmation that you are able to provide evidence (electronically or hardcopy) that you have undertaken a PCR, TMA or LAMP test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival and have tested negative for COVID-19.

You can do this on the Spain Travel Health website or downloadable app. On completion, you will be issued a personal and non-transferable QR code which you must show (electronically or hardcopy) at airport health controls on arrival.

·         temperature check

·         undergo a visual health assessment

Overland travellers to Spain are exempt from the above mentioned entry requirements and are therefore not currently required to present a PCR, TMA or LAMP test, or Health Control Form on entry by road or rail.

See Entry requirements for more information before you plan to travel.”

Some of you remain determined to reach us! One client currently “stuck” in the UK has decided to fly via Dubai to reach us here in Tenerife for his multi-week sail training program!!

We appreciate how difficult this must be for all of our UK clients, fans & followers.


We pledge to do the same, continue to invest  and to be here totally ready, in great shape and with tip-top quality yachts to offer you all for some sailing fun!

Canary Sail have also extended their pledge to reschedule any clients – from anywhere – affected by Covid related issues for a full 12 months!

Thank you all. Let us hope for better months ahead.

Best wishes for 2021.

With kind regards,

Jim and the whole Canary Sail team

27/11/20 – From this Monday 23rd November it is declared in the Canary Islands that:

….you must provide a negative PCR test result on arrival at your destination to enter the islands, to be presented at the airport in a control area signed ‘Foreign Health Authority’.
This test MUST be a PCR test, MUST have been carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival in Spain, including the Canary Islands, and you MUST have a paper or digital certificate in English or Spanish. This applies to ALL travellers, including children.

So the responsibility of policing/checking of the negative PCR certificates has now been removed from us as providers of commercial accommodation and is now checked on entry. Canary Sail will still be obliged to retain a copy of these certificates for records.

Once you do arrive to us, life becomes quite normal and relaxed! You wear a mask out and about as everywhere else. However, once seated masks are removed. Your group at a bar or restaurant table may not exceed 6 but otherwise our clients, without exception are all having a relaxed and pleasant experience sailing with us here at Canary Sail – indeed, many have changed their return flights and stayed for more sailing!

Here again a summary of the measures we apply on board our yachts:

The restrictions here are eased but caution is still in place and monitored vigilantly , particularly for social distancing.

Measures taken by Canary Sail are guided by the RYA and Canarian authorities recommendations with our own initiatives also to be implemented on board our yachts, for example: 

  • twice daily “remote devise” temperature checks of all crew members  
  • open display record/chart of crew temperature readings
  • provision of face masks 
  • provision of sanitiser soaps for hand cleansing
  • provision of disposable paper towels for hand drying (no hand towels)
  • catering gloves for food preparation
  • supply of a new, clean packed chopping board each week
  • strict guidelines for the crew to respect responsible social distancing particularly when ashore
The yachts, contents dishes and cutlery will be sterilized each week.
Mattress & pillow covers/protectors will be fitted and cleaned and changed each week
Bedding & towels with be cleaned as always
Towels will be colour coded (different colours with emphasis on use of own towels)
All food & drinks with be replaced with new packs each week!
The life jackets will be clearly numbered and changed each week. Those taken off will be cleaned and quarantined as advised under the RYA guidelines.

Let us all hope for a positive decision on an ease of the restrictions in the UK and other Countries soon.

Here at Canary Sail, we are “business as usual” so as and when you need that break just call…Let us take you sailing!

Take good care and we hope to hear from you again soon.

With kind regards,

Jim & the Canary Sail crew 

03/11/20 – The travel corridors opened and then the lockdowns kicked in.

We are busy though with a good number of clients here with us for multi week sail training programs, we continue to be very active and taking new bookings.

From 14th November 2020 the new Canarian Government ruling will apply to all those wishing to visit the Canary Islands, including Canary Sail. As accommodation providers, we are also obliged to check certificates of well being before clients can join our yachts for their residential sailing experience with us.

Please read here a summary of this new decree issued by the Government – Decree-Law 17/2020. We hope this will assist you in understanding the measures you, and we are to take in order for you to join us:

1Who can visit Canary Islands?

You can visit the Canary Islands provided you travel from the European Union, from a country in the Schengen area or from a third country with which Spain has reciprocal agreements regarding the acceptance of travellers. These are Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

When planning your return, we always recommend that you check the requirements and recommendations of your country of origin.

2Are there any special procedures to complete before travelling to Canaries?

Yes. There are two procedures:

FROM NOVEMBER 14 and no more than 72 hours before you travel (only if you will be staying in tourist accommodation): Test to diagnose active COVID-19 infection with negative result. This must be submitted when you check into your chosen tourist accommodation. IN FORCE AS OF 14 NOVEMBER 2020.

No more than 48 hours before you travel (only if you are travelling from outside Spain): Health control form (FCS form) which you must complete and sign telematically before you travel to Canary Islands. Get your form and sign it on the Spanish Travel Health site or the Android or iOs apps. When you have signed it, you will get a QR code which you must present when you reach Canaries (both the digital and printed forms are valid). Remember you must complete a separate form for each journey and person.

In any case, it is extremely important you check your operator or airline’s conditions before travelling to Canary Islands.

3I am not sure about the tests:

Must I have a test before I travel to the islands?

No, the test is only mandatory to stay at tourist acommodation in the islands and you must have the test no more than 72 hours before travelling.

However, to safeguard the health of tourists and residents, and given that in Canary Islands we have succeeded in significantly lowering the rate of infection, we recommend and would appreciate you having at least an antigen test before you travel. It is the only way that we can all keep travelling.

Do I need a certificate? What kind of proof do I need?

You need a paper or digital certificate to prove that you have had a diagnostic test. This must include the date and time that the test was administered, the person’s identifying data, the authorised verification centre and the negative test result. The certificate should preferably be in English or Spanish.

How about children?

There is no requirement for children under 7 years to present a negative diagnostic test.

I have had the coronavirus and I am immune. Do I need to have a test, too?

Yes. People who have had the coronavirus must also submit the negative result of a diagnostic test administered no more than 72 hours in advance.

I am travelling from another Spanish region. Do I need to have a diagnostic test to be able to stay in tourist accommodation in Canaries?

Yes. You must provide the negative results of a test administered no more than 72 hours ago.

I’m travelling to the islands but I’m staying in my own holiday home or in a friend or relative’s home.

In this case there is no need, but we recommend you at least have an antigen test before you travel in the interests of everyone’s health.

I am resident in Canaries. Do I need to submit a negative test certificate to stay in tourist accommodation in Canaries?

No, you only need to prove you are a resident of Canaries and make a responsible declaration that you have not left Canary Islands during the 15 days before you arrive at the accommodation and have not experienced symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 during that period.

I am going to be in the islands for a long time. Must I have a test every time I change accommodation?

No, you only need to provide that you arrived in Canary Islands more than 15 days ago by showing your travel documents and that you have not experienced symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 during that period.

Must I have a test before I leave Canary Islands?

No, but you may be asked for one when you reach your destination. We recommend you always check the requirements and recommendations in your country of origin.

Will I be able to have a test in the islands before I leave?

Of course. There are top-level health facilities in Canary Islands. Your accommodation will tell you the nearest place where you can get a certified diagnostic test.

4What measures will I find at the airport and/or on board the aircraft?

All international passengers receive a health check at Canary Islands’ airports. This check may involve having your temperature taken, a document check and a visual examination of the passenger’s health. All passengers must provide the Health Control Form (FCS).

Remember that you must wear a mask and comply with all the safety measures imposed by the airline and the airport authorities while you are at the airport and throughout the flight.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you check in online to avoid unnecessary formalities at the airport. Remember that many airlines do not allow cabin bags other than a bag for personal use that fits underneath your seat.

5What airlines fly to Canary Islands?

These are the airlines that fly direct to the archipelago.

Can I move freely between the islands?

Of course. One of the great advantages of visiting Canary Islands is that you can discover several islands on the same trip. The islands are all very different from each other, which makes the trip all the more interesting and enriching.

Movement between the islands is fully reinstated at the moment, with daily connections that allow you to easily get from one island to any other, either by plane or by boat.  You can travel between the islands with airlines Binter and Canaryfly or shipping lines Fred OlsenArmasBiosfera Express and Líneas Romero.

7What do I need to know before my arrival in Canary Islands? Safety measures.

In Canary Islands, we have worked tirelessly for the past few months so that you can visit us and enjoy your holiday to the utmost in the maximum safety.

We therefore recommend that you download the RadarCOVID contagion alert app to your mobile. It is available for both iPhone and Android and will notify you of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 depending on your location.

You should also be familiar with the main measures being applied to ensure your well-being.

General measures:

  • Masks must be worn by adults and children over the age of six when outdoors or in enclosed public spaces, except when eating or drinking, doing physical exercise and/or if you are disabled or have a respiratory condition.
  • Interpersonal distance (set at 1.5 metres).
  • The use of products for individual hygiene (hydroalcoholic gels and soap) is encouraged.
  • Appropriate cleaning and disinfection of all establishments and all materials for activities (especially toilets and similar common areas).

Specific measures:

  • Outdoors and in enclosed public spaces, masks must be worn regardless of whether you are at the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres. You may not smoke or use tobacco inhalation devices when it is not possible to guarantee a 2-metre separation. Smoking is not permitted on public highways.
  • Public and/or group transport. Masks must be worn by adults and children over the age of six, except if you are disabled or have a respiratory condition. Seats will be assigned on tour buses.
  • Tourist accommodation. Capacity is restricted in common areas, at social activities and in group classes, as per the required social distancing. You will also come across served buffets, where food is plated individually, or self-service buffets, where there are separator screens in the food areas.
  • Beaches, pools and other nature areas. Masks must be worn on entry to the beach or pool area, when moving around or when taking a walk. The only time they are not compulsory is when you are swimming, or when you are sitting or lying in a certain place, without moving from it and at the recommended safety distance from other people.

There are restrictions on capacity (4 m2 per person), duration of visit and access to some of the most popular beaches to ensure that the interpersonal distance can be respected. For natural pools, the surface area of the pool is taken into account when calculating capacity. There must be a separation of two metres between groups of loungers and sunshades and these must be disinfected between customers. There is enhanced cleaning of toilets, showers and foot showers.

Regarding the use of swimming pools, capacity is restricted according to the number of loungers. These are laid out respecting the interpersonal separation by family unit and are disinfected daily.

In nature areas outside towns and villages, masks do not need to be worn if the interpersonal safety distance is respected.

  • Restaurants.Catering businesses, restaurants and outdoor cafés, beach bars and restaurants must close by twelve midnight and new customers will not be allowed in after 11 pm. The minimum distance between tables, groups or the bar is 1.5 metres, with a maximum of ten people per table or group. Items for general use and/or self-service items have been removed, including napkin dispensers, sugar bowls and menus, which have been replaced by QR codes, signs or other similar measures. Before customers are seated, tables are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Tourist attractions and guided tours. Prior booking is required (mostly online) as there are restrictions on capacity. At attractions, tours are one-way to avoid people passing by and crowding. The use of individual headphones is being encouraged for audio guides and they are disinfected after every use.
  • Shopping. Garments are cleaned after they are tried on by a customer, and the changing rooms are also disinfected frequently. The ventilation systems in place guarantee sufficient renewal of air. We recommend paying by card.
  • Cultural activities and events. For now, there are limited events on offer, but the archipelago’s usual agenda will gradually return. At cinemas, theatres and such like, seats are being assigned and distributed by family unit or groups of people who live together. The security staff are also monitoring the entrances and surrounding areas at all times to ensure the interpersonal distance is respected.
  • Spas and wellness centres. These establishments follow very strict hygiene protocols, and these have been further reinforced as a result of the pandemic. Service is by prior appointment only, as there are restrictions on capacity. You must wear a towel or bathrobe within the facilities.
  • Gyms and sports activities. Group activities in enclosed spaces are permitted for a maximum of 25 people, and in the open air, for a maximum of 30, in order to ensure the interpersonal distance can be respected. Materials are provided for clients to disinfect the equipment and other resources used at the facilities. Towels must be used. The ventilation systems in place ensure that the air is frequently renewed.
  • Golf courses. Games can be played between four people, as long as the interpersonal distance is respected. The player’s ball cannot be touched by the caddie or other players. The use of buggies is restricted to two people at a time and they are disinfected before use.
  • Nightlife. Only premises with an outdoor space can open, and their capacity is restricted to 75%. You can only drink at tables (not at the bar), and dance floors are not yet allowed to open. These businesses must close by twelve midnight and new customers will not be allowed in after 11 pm.
  • Active tourism. Open-air active tourism activities entail little risk and are usually run for small groups. Nonetheless, individual sports materials cannot be shared and specific cleaning and disinfection protocols are in place.

8What personal protection measures must I take to prevent spreading the virus?

The Government of Canary Islands recommends that all citizens follow these personal protection measures:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or clean them with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and then put the tissue in a bin.
  • Stay at a distance of at least 1.5 metres from anybody who doesn’t live with you (whether they have symptoms or not).
  • Wear your mask when you are outdoors or in an enclosed public space.

Any reunion or meeting in private spaces of people who do not live together should be restricted to a maximum of ten people, even if the safety distance can be guaranteed.

9What should I do if I get symptoms during my stay on Canary Islands? Covid medical insurance.

If you experience symptoms such as a cough, a temperature, shortness of breath or feeling generally unwell, self-isolate at your accommodation and call 900 112 061 for instructions and to be put in touch with the appropriate medical centre.

Remember that you must wear a mask if you go to any medical centre in the islands and avoid touching anything with your hands.

As what is most important is your health and well-being, if you do not have medical insurance, we will provide you with an AXA policy free of charge in Canary Islands to cover all expenses relating to COVID-19. See everything that it covers here.

Please contact us should you be in a position to travel and wish to go sailing, be it Charter, Sail Training or Cruising the Canary Islands.

We will be pleased to hear from you.

Stay safe and thank you.

With best wishes to all,

Jim Grey – Principal

26/09/20 – Good news! Here in the Canary Islands the Covid 19 epidemic curve continues to decline.

There are no restrictions on arrival to Tenerife. All airports are open with regular flights landing at TFS close to us. The Ports and Marinas are open to our yachts as usual with many bars and restaurants still opening for business.

The precautionary measures are still in place. The wearing of masks is obligatory – as is the case everywhere. Once seated at a bar or restaurant, masks are removed only to be used when moving away from the table.

The Canary Sail initiatives on board our yachts, and in particular the taking and displaying of crew temperature twice daily are well received giving clients on board the confidence their fellow crew are in good health.

Our Sailing Course and Sail Cruise weeks have gone very smoothly since our relaunch on 1st August with 1, 2 and more recently 3 yachts out each week.

The Canary Island authorities are hopeful that  a revision of various country´s quarantine restrictions on return from the Islands will soon be made in the light of this downward trend in new cases.

Some clients are rescheduling until later. However, the majority are arriving, respecting the anti Covid measures and leaving having had a great sailing experience.

Canary Sail continue to offer rescheduling for all clients who´s arrival to us or sailing with us is affected by any future Covid 19 related travel restrictions or Government directives. Such reschedules are offered through to the end of 2021!

We remain very optimistic for the future and hope to hear from you all soon.

With kind regards,

Jim Grey – Principal

02/08/20 – Despite quarantine decisions made in the UK last week, Canary Sail re launched as planned yesterday with 3 clients from England.

Yacht Cora was pristine as we welcomed the excited crew for their sailing skills courses.

Reaction to the UK restrictions are mixed. Some have taken advantage of our re scheduling pledge, some will wait for clarity before booking and others arrive regardless.

All our measures outlined below are in place and we are ready to sail again. Next week we run our Western Canary Islands Cruise.

We all hope soon for more clarity on how the UK might review the Canary Islands travel situation in light of the very low Covid 19 incidents/statistics here compared with Peninsular Spain.

Thank you all who have contacted Canary Sail and for those who delay awaiting more news, we do hope to welcome you soon.

Watch this space…..

Best regards,

Jim Grey – Principal

12/07/20 – Re launch of our sailing activities is on schedule for Saturday August 1st.

Senor Torres the Canarian governor said last week “Today is a happy day after all these months of suffering” following the statement from the World Tourism Organisation that the Canary Islands have been chosen as a “particularly safe” space for 21st century and post-pandemic tourism.

The restrictions here are eased but caution is still in place and monitored vigilantly , particularly for social distancing.

Measures taken by Canary Sail are guided by the RYA and Canarian authorities recommendations with our own initiatives also to be implemented on board our yachts, for example: 

  • twice daily “remote devise” temperature checks of all crew members  
  • open display record/chart of crew temperature readings
  • provision of face masks 
  • provision of sanitiser soaps for hand cleansing
  • provision of disposable paper towels for hand drying (no hand towels)
  • catering gloves for food preparation
  • supply of a new, clean packed chopping board each week
  • strict guidelines for the crew to respect responsible social distancing particularly when ashore
The yachts, contents dishes and cutlery will be sterilized each week.
Mattress & pillow covers/protectors will be fitted and cleaned and changed each week
Bedding & towels with be cleaned as always
Towels will be colour coded (different colours with emphasis on use of own towels)
All food & drinks with be replaced with new packs each week!
The life jackets will be clearly numbered and changed each week. Those taken off will be cleaned and quarantined as advised under the RYA guidelines.

Bookings are coming in again as we dovetail these together with our re scheduled clients who were affected since the March lock down restrictions. All those booking with Canary Sail are offered re scheduling through to the end of 2021 for any Covid-19 related restrictions if they occur.

We hope to hear from you soon and to welcome you to our fresh looking facility with the yachts presented in pristine condition.

Thank you all

Best regards

Jim Grey – Principal

18/05/20 – Spain has indicated an extension to the “State of Emergency” for a further month to 24th June. Stages of ease of the Spanish lock down have recently been introduced regionally with the Canary Islands fairing well. Phase 1 has been in place for a week with Phase 2 due to be implemented in a week from now.

We remain cautious in our approach to the re introduction of sailing activities being very aware of continuing restrictions in the areas of flight entry, quarantine and social distancing measures currently still in place. Much will depend on the status of individual visiting nationalities to the Canaries.

Meanwhile we remain very active and invest heavily in yacht maintenance, bringing our fleet to “Tip-Top” condition in readiness to welcome you all as soon as the situation becomes clearer. We continue to take no obligation reservations for September/October – no deposit to pay until dates are finally confirmed and flights can be secured.

Meanwhile please stay safe and we so hope to see you all here as soon as is possible.

Best wishes,

Jim Grey – Principal

Canary Sail

19/04/20 – Unofficial reports suggest a phased lifting of restrictions in site through May/June here in the Canaries. Further time is likely for other affected areas/Countries.

Given this, Canary Sail offer the following:

“Stay at Home…..”

On-Line Navigation Theory Courses through Splash Sea School. Prepare for your practical sailing courses with Canary Sail. In partnership with Splash during this crisis, we reduce the cost to you, our clients:

Splash Sea School Theory Courses through Canary Sail – RYA Day Skipper & Coastal/Yachtmaster – just €265

“Back to Normal…?”

Our proposed restart date is 1st August 2020. Canary Sail´s 2nd initiative offers “no obligation/no deposit” reservations for practical sailing courses out of our Tenerife, San Miguel marina facility again from August 2020. Again with reduced Special Summer Prices through to September 5th, we are taking reservations already from 1st August 2020 – No deposit required until dates and flights are confirmed.

We are here to answer any queries and look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe and best wishes to you all.

Jim Grey – Principal

Canary Sail

05/04/20 – Spain have proposed an extension to current restrictions through to 26th April 2020. This is still to be sanctioned legally early next week. There are reports, yet to be confirmed that the Canary Islands will be handed back autonomy in the decision making for policy within the Canary Islands which had been taken over by the Government of Spain at commencement of the restrictions.

Here at Canary Sail, we sit tight waiting for restrictions to be eased – both here and elsewhere. We continue to take reservations for later this year on our “no-obligation/no deposit” sailing course, cruise and charter initiative.

Furthermore, we are taking an increasing number of bookings for our “Splash Sea School” On-Line Theory Courses. Clients take advantage of the extra time at home and pre-study navigational theory in readiness for their practical sailing courses with Canary Sail later on. Please email us should you wish to avail of this facility. We will honour this discounted “package” of combined Theory and Practical when booked through Canary Sail. The practical sailing courses can be reserved or simply booked later when normality resumes.

Meanwhile, we wish you good health. Take care and stay safe.

Our thanks and best wishes to you all.

Jim Grey – Principal

Canary Sail

23/03/20 – During the last week of recreational restrictions here in the Canary Islands, our team spent the time supporting those who had joined us for sailing courses, cruises and charter before the action was announced. Those clients have stayed as guests on our yachts awaiting flights home. We have assisted with a Supermarket shopping service for provisions and with travel logistics for them to get home.

The yachts are now all vacated – a great opportunity for us to tidy up and maintain those areas which slip by in the busyness of our thriving sailing school activities.

The new yacht due for purchase will go ahead – a 2015 Bavaria 41 “Cruiser” will join our fleet by the end of this April as planned, ready for the recovery once the restrictions are lifted. We will be ready!

These restrictions are currently in place here in the Canaries updated just today until 12th April. It is quite probable these restrictions will be extended.

Clients who have booked already will be re scheduled to later dates, if necessary even into 2021. We are not in a position to offer any refunds. Thank you, your loyalty and support is much appreciated.

The really great news is that RESERVATIONS are still being placed with Canary Sail for Sailing Courses, Cruises and Charter for dates through this summer and beyond!

For those wishing to plan ahead and reserve sailing activities with us, we offer tentative dates later from this summer with NO DEPOSITS/NO FLIGHTS required. Simply email or call us with your required dates and we will send a “no obligation reservation” with booking deposits due only when the “Coronavirus All Clear” is announced. We hope to hear from you soon.

Meanwhile, our best wishes go out to you all.

Wishing you strength and resolve through this crisis.

Stay safe and we hope to meet you soon.

Thank you.

Jim Grey – Principal

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