Sailing Courses: Cost Comparison Between the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands

Sailing Courses: Cost Comparison Between the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands

For those seeking to expand their sailing expertise, selecting the right location for training is a decision influenced by various factors, including cost. In this post, we’ll evaluate the financial aspects of undertaking sail training in the Mediterranean compared to the Canary Islands.

Money Exchange

Tuition Fees: Comparing the costs

The Mediterranean, while popular, often commands higher tuition fees for sailing courses. The Canary Islands offer a more budget-friendly alternative, with schools equally accredited and comprehensive programs at reduced rates due to lower overhead costs.


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Living Expenses: Evaluating Onshore Costs

The Total cost of attending a sailing school is not limited to course fees. Living expenses can significantly affect your budget. The Canary Islands generally have a lower cost of living compared to many Mediterranean destinations, allowing students to save on accommodations, food, and transportation.


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Flight Cost: Assessing the Journey

Travel expenses are an important consideration. Flights to the Canary Islands, particularly when booked in advance, can be more economical than those to the Mediterranean, especially during peak season.


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Mooring Fees: Understanding the Additional Charges

Mooring fees can vary greatly between locations. The Canary Islands typically offer more affordable options for docking, which is beneficial for people wishing to charter or for those who are using their own or rented vessels.


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Value for money: Analysing the Overall Experience

When comparing costs, it’s important to consider the value provided by the location. The Canary Islands offer diverse sailing conditions that are conducive to an extensive learning experience, which can be more advantageous than the often crowded and less challenging environments found in the Mediterranean.


Money Savings

A Case Study: Illustrating the Savings

Imagine a UK resident looking to complete an RYA Day Skipper course. When factoring in all associated costs – from course fees, travel cost,s and living expenses  – the Canary Islands could present a more cost-effective option with the added benefit of sailing in varied and less congested waters.


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Our analysis suggests that the Canary Islands could provide a more financially viable option for sail training when compared to the Mediterranean. With competitive course fees, travel expenses, lower living costs, and the added value of excellent sailing conditions, the Canary Islands are an attractive destination for sailing students.



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8th February 2024 | James Grey | Sailing News

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